Payment Processing issues? Got you covered! 
I've helped dozens of thousands to fix their Payment processing issues, and I can help you too. 
Adil MAF,
Founder of
Hey there! 
It’s Adil, I’m the founder of (Payment processing Ninjas) and Payment processing expert. I’ve also been helping people solving their payment processing issues since 2017, my videos on Youtube helped dozens of thousands of non-us/eu residents to fix the payment processing and focus on their business.
Recently I received a lot of demands asking me for 1-on-1 consulting about payment processing solutions & offshore incorporation so I decided to open few slots monthly so I can help you personally. 
What I can help with: 
  • Opening a US BANK Account : I'll show you how to open a physical US bank account without visiting the US in less than a week (Real Bank account FDIC insured, not Payoneer or Transferwise) - (People are charging up to $2000 for a physical US bank account)
  • Fixing Payment Processing Issues: I’ll share with you what’s working right now for me and my hundreds of non-us students. 
  • UK Stripe: I'll show you how to get a UK, or US (or both) Paypal, Payoneer, Stripe, Transferwise for less than $100…(People are charging up to $500 for this)
  • ​Much more: 
    US PHYSICAL BANK ACCOUNT ($2000 value)
    I'll show you how to get a physical and FEDERALLY INSURED US BANK Account 

    - Allows non US resident to open accounts online!
    - No need to visit the US.
    - No need for Social Security Number or ITIN, just the owner ID & Article of organisation & EIN  
    - Complete online banking
    - SWIFT number and ROUTING number
    - Allow international incoming and outgoing wires
    - Allow domestic US incoming and outgoing wires
    - Savings Account Earnings Rate:  1.75%
    - The bank could be used with STRIPE, Paypal, Amazon...

    • 30 minutes consulting call: Prepare all your questions and let's jump on 30 minutes call so I steer you the right direction and establish the game plan. 
    • 60 days follow up: I'll be around for 2 months, in case you're stuck with anything I'll be glad to help & eventually share with you the newest solutions & hacks (The ones I don't share publicly so they don't saturate fast) 
    • LIFETIME access to my Payment Processing community : Access to my private Payment Processing FB Community of +2000 entrepreneurs from all over the world sharing INSANE value. 
    Questions? Email me at or reach out on Instagram @adil.maf 

    Knowing how to make money without knowing how to get paid is USELESS.
    I'll show you how to GET PAID.

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