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CWA is the program I wish I had in 2017 when I jumped into the crypto world. It got everything that you need to get into the crypto market with a low risk/max profit strategy. 

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There are 2 CWA VERSIONS

There are two versions of this program, CWA Starter and CWA Advanced (A kind of heavy upgrade of the program). The starter is way more than enough to invest in crypto like a ninja. If alone you're making 2X gains, with CWA Starter, you'll 10X that, and with the advanced 100X.

You can join CWA Starter then later upgrade to the advanced (IF available) with just paying the difference. That's how confident I'm in my program. 

Who is CWA Starter for?

CWA Starter is perfect for you if you're about to jump into crypto or you're already into crypto and planning to level up your game and follow a solid blueprint. 

With the starter, you'll get more advanced than 90% of the persons getting in crypto. You'll get all the clarity you need to play it smart, preserve your capital & make solid gains. 

Who is CWA Advanced for?

CWA is crafted for advanced investors. It got everything in CWA Starter + 6 extra modules and way more advanced strategies. Ideal if you have +10K to 6 figures invested in crypto or plan to get in and go heavy! 

You'll get absolute total clarity, and see-through crypto & The blockchain like Neo Sees in the Matrix. It's Crypto PROFIT MASTERY. 


The 20X gems is one of my student's favorite modules. This one alone is worth the whole course as I'm giving the secret formula to finding the next SOL and 20X gems before it goes mainstream.

Strategies, Systems, Processes, Profit! 

On CWA there's no place for guessing in the crypto game, it's all about solid systems, ninja strategies & straight forward processes with 2 goals: Helping you to preserve your capital & skyrocket your gains. 

Some of the content of CWA Starter

A little glimpse of all the alpha waiting for you inside the CWA Starter. All you need to turbocharge your crypto journey! 

INTRO - & Crypto investors Mindset 

This module gets you in the right mindset, so you shift your thinking into a crypto investor. You'll also have more clarity about the market and where we're heading.  

MODULE 1 - Basics

- The two most essential exchanges for our moon mission 

- Videos with vital tools to understand the market cycle, where we are, where we're heading. It's all about having clarity. 

- The most important tool I use daily, and that makes ALL the difference in my game. 

MODULE 2- Military grade portfolio. 

- It got ALL that you need to have a military-grade portfolio. We're hedging all the risks in here. 

- I crafted a model for all tastes & budgets, low/medium/high risk tolerance, $300, $1K & $10K budget. 

A lesson with my vital rules for portfolio risk management. 

A lesson with wallets & coin storing in-depth strategy 

MODULE 3  - 20X Gems hunt

 - Over-shoulder videos show you my exact thinking process when looking for coins with 20X potential. This is by far the favorite part of most Starter students, as it's the next-level crypto strategy.

If you dropship, think of this like looking for a winning products strategy ON STEROIDS. - Videos with all the validators I use to validate the 20X Gems, pure gold - Videos on how to spot shit coins. And over the shoulder Shit coins analysis, so you fall into the shit coins shit.

MODULE 4 -  Risk management

This is one of the most important modules and one of my student's favorites.

-You'll learn my rock-solid system for profit-taking, a no-brainer copy past formula. 

- The lesson BTFD MASTERY (Buy The Fuckin' Dip Mastery) is all you need to have clear step by step to follow to profit the most of every dip/pullback. 

- Scams & Advanced safety measures is a lesson with all you need to never fall in even the most advanced crypto scams. That's your shield!

- When & how to Exit a project 
- What's the right process to follow when in doubt about a coin investment. And much more.

BONUS - AUTOMATED Technical Analysis on Steroids

I'll share with you a free hybrid-technical Analysis tool on STEROIDS, annalize coins like the veteran traders. This tool is perfect for investors with no knowledge in day trading like myself. Know when to buy/sell/Take Profit...And way beyond this, it almost feels like cheating in crypto lol.
Basically this tool had to be exclusive to the CWA Advanced, but ended up sharing it on the CWA Starter as a bonus, as I know it would be a game changer for the community. 

CWA 20X GEMS & MARKET ALTERTS (Telegram page)

You can access our Telegram page to get daily alerts on new crypto opportunities, coins with 20X potential, Market updates. You'll never be alone in this journey. 

...& a lot More!


We made a poll to collect feedback from CWA students about what they think of the program. And here's the result, 100% are more confident to invest in crypto after finishing the program, and 83,3% are already at a profit applying CWA strategies. 

What the community got to say


Of Crypto Alpha.
It could be 20 hours, but I just prefer keeping it short, no fluff & straight to the point like all my content (Youtube, Podcast...) I value your time.


Videos to turbocharge your moon mission

+4 Year

+4 years of crypto  investment experience & strategies condensed in one single program.


You're already into crypto making good gains and want to take it to the next level. 
If you're about to get into crypto and planning to start with a rock solid foundation.
Want to learn Crypto from the basic to the advanced strategies
Get the best opportunities in the market 
Learn with a crypto evangelist that got skin in the crypto game since 2017.
Want to get a Military grade strategies to manage your risks.
Get a solid step by step process to find  & validate coins with 20X potential. No more guessing, only strategic money moves. 
Want to get the most out of this bull run.


You want to learn the very basics: How to buy a coin, what’s Bitcoin…as there’s a lot of free content about this.
Short term: Getting into crypto for a month or so to make quick bucks. My program is for investors, building crypto wealth take time & patience. 
Technical Analysis, charts reading and day trading: Day trading is a full-time job, my program is for investors. 
Technical geeky stuff: What’s a blockchain, Nodes, how to mine… My focus is on making money and growing capital as an investor.


Below are the 2 version of CWA available. 


Intro - Mindset, Market overview, and how to get the most of the CWA program during our moon mission
Module 1 - The Basics, vital tools we'll use daily, understanding the market cycles, the important patterns to look at... 
Module 2 - Portfolio Setup in depth, from low to hight risk and from low to high budget we cover all of it. This is one of the most important pieces of this program.
Module 3: 20 X Gems Strategies What it's all about 😉
Module 4 : Goal number 1, not losing monies. in this module you get all my ninja risk management strategies. When to Exit, What to do when in doubt...
BONUS : A secret free hybrid-technical Analysis tool on STEROIDS. Annalise coins like the veteran traders even if you have 0 chart knowledge like myself. Know when to buy/sell/Take Profit...
CWA Telegram Alert page to get the best opportunities, 20X gems, Market alerts...we're in this together!

Best Value


You get everything on CWA STARTER.
+ 6 extra "HEAVY WEIGHT modules to take your game to a whole another level. 

+ Ongoing updates.
Advanced tools, The next level of tools to leverage in finding, analyzing & validating coins. Advanced tools to navigate the blockchain profit opportunities. 
20X Gems LEVEL 2, 2 different advanced strategies and very different angle to to double your chances finding & validating the next SOL. 
The Blockchain profit: Full module on how to profit from IDOS, GameFi, Metaverse...and all the best strategies to profit from the blockchain in general. 
NFTs Like a boss, a module with all that you need to know to no be left behind in this NFT mass hysteria. 
Crypto Profit Supremacy We're taking coins hunt strategies WAY BEYOND advanced, On-chain analysis, Sentiment analysis, fundamental analysis... Your crypto game would reach a supremacy level with this module. It got all my crypto secret sauce to crush the game.
Play Like Smart Monies Strategies to dominate crypto like wall street and Hedge funds, forget the micro, we go MACRO on this module. Real crypto investors talk
Stock Market investment Never put all your eggs in the same basket as Warren Buffet said once. I give you all you need to diversify & build a multi-asset portfolio to hedge all your risks like the elite investors and billionaires.
+ Strategies & Tool to level up your Stock investment game. (This one could be a course on itself)
Crypto Passive Income a risk free strategy to make passive income, a bear market proof secret DEFI strategy . This is set. & forget retirement friendly (That's how low risk it's) 
CWA Monthly UPDATES Videos with new crypto investment opportunities, new 20X Gems in depth analysis, strategies update
Unlock the final level: Unlock access to apply for my flagship 1-on-1 mentorship program & my Inner circle mastermind where you'll network with the very close circle of my millionaire mentees. (More details  in the FAQ) 

What CWA Students say

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join now CWA Starter & upgrade to the basic after? 

Yes, you can join CWA Starter whenever you see some excellent gains and feel like leveling up your game, email my team for an upgrade. You'll pay just the price difference. 

What's the difference between CWA Starter & CWA Advanced? 

CWA Starter is adapted to everyone, mainly anyone starting with a small budget. On the other hand, CWA Advanced is for anyone investing heavily in Crypto (+10K) and wants to scale it to the next level. Mind-blowing stuff, really. You'll 100X your game. 

What other payment methods do you accept?

Wise & Payoneer are also available. Just email my team at for the payment details.

Would your program help me to get started in Crypto?

I did a little poll in the CWA community, almost 100% of the members said they feel more confident about their crypto strategy after finishing CWA

Does CWA give personal access

My schedule is extremely heavy, the only way to have personal access is via my 1-on-1 3 months mentorship program (It's start at $3000). 

What comes after the CWA Advanced? 

By joining the CWA Advanced, you qualify to apply to my 1-on-1 3 months mentorship program + To join my inner circle mastermind, where you'll network with a small circle of millionaire investors in the same mission. We talk investment, international real estate, 2nd citizenship, taxes reduction strategies, Offshore business, new money-making opportunities...). 

- You unlock access to 100% of my resources & network.

- By being in the Advanced, you skip the line & waiting list.

- Your CWA Advanced investment would be deducted from the mentorship price (More Details inside CWA Advanced)

- Requirement: Beyond 100K investment in crypto/Stocks/Liquid assets is the minimum requirement to join our mastermind. With CWA advanced, we're getting there

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CWA enrollment

Enrollment CLOSED. 
for details about the next slots availability please email or DM Adil on instagram with "JOIN CWA" as message ( @adil.maf )